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Since 2001, Extreme Elite Booking has been bringing some of the best national acts through the DC/MD/VA tri-state area, as well as booking tours for national acts throughout all of the continental US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America and more. We are promoters, booking agents, and touring musicians. Therefore, we see all three sides of the live music business and always strive to make the most fair deals for everyone involved: the bands, the clubs, and most importantly: the kids.

EEBooking has hosted shows for the following bands in DC/MD/VA:

Agnostic Front, Agony Scene, Albert React, A Life Once Lost, Anatomy of a Ghost, Armsbendback, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Beautiful Mistake, Beloved, Bane, Between the Buried and Me, Big D and the Kids Table, Bile, Biohazard, Black Halos, Bleeding Through, Blood for Blood, Bongzilla, Brazil, Bury Your Dead, Caliban, Calico System, Cannae, Candiria, Cannibal Corpse, Catch 22, Cepahlic Carnage, Comeback Kid, Cream Abdul Babar, Darkest Hour, Dave Brockie Experience, Day of Contempt, Dead Poetic, Dead to Fall, Death by Stereo, Diecast, D.R.I., Dropkick Murphys, Dying Fetus, Earth Crisis, Eighteen Visions, Embrace Today, Emery, Evelynn, E-Town Concrete, Evergreen Terrace, Every Time I Die, Found Dead Hanging, Freya, From First to Last, Fugazi, Glass Casket, Glasseater, Goatwhore, God Forbid, Gotham Road, Grave, Haste, Haste the Day, Hatebreed, Hawthorne Heights, Himsa, Hoods, Hopesfall, If Hope Dies, I Killed the Prom Queen, Immolation, Integrity, Judas Cradle, Kill Your Idols, Living Sacrifice, Mastodon, Malevolent Creation, Martyr AD, Mary Prankster, Misery Index, Misery Signals, Mortal Decay, Mortician, Most Precious Blood, Murphy's Law, Nodes of Ranvier, Norma Jean, On Broken Wings, Ramallah, Remembering Never, Saved by Grace, Scarlet, Since By Man, Since the Flood, Shattered Realm, Silverstein, Six Feet Under, Sworn Enemy, The AKAs, The Business, Terror, Today is the Day, To The Grave, Twelve Tribes, Tub Ring, Underoath, Undying, Unearth, Zao, 25 Ta Life, and many more...